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Green Oats Complex
VitaHealth Green Oats Complex is a traditional herbal supplement formulated with a blend of proprietary extracts including green oats, sea buckthorn, stinging nettle, Tongkat Ali and damiana to support men’s performance and vitality. Green oats are freshly harvested during the late milk stage of growth where the seed heads are still green and yet hard. All ingredients work synergistically to build muscle mass and strength of a male physique, and improve physical stamina, energy and endurance.
5-in-1 herbal formula
Natural herbal ingredients for men’s health and vitality
Made in USA
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Exp Mar 18
30 Tablets
RM 86.80
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VitaHealth Liveli is a botanical nutritive tonic formulated with LiverGuard™ unripe green jujube extract for liver regeneration and body nourishment. LiverGuard™, which shows the function of hepatic protection, has won the Gold Medal award in the Invention & New Product Exposition (INPEX), USA. Jujube contains healthy levels of antioxidants that protect the liver cells against toxin overload. Enriched with royal jelly, artichoke, jiaogulan and vitamin C, it helps support optimal gastrointestinal health, strengthen immune functions, and boost energy and vitality, for a healthy, radiant and lively outlook. It is available in convenient, ready-to-drink bottles.
Features LiverGuard™ unripe green jujube extract for hepatic protection
Added with royal jelly, artichoke, jiaogulan and vitamin C
Available in convenient, ready-to-drink bottles
Beneficial to those who always feel tired, or bloated after overindulgence
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10 Bottles x 4
RM 396.00
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VitaHealth Reversage is formulated with a blend of trans-resveratrol and polyphenols derived from Japanese knotweed and grape skin respectively. Resveratrol has been traditionally used to promote vitality and for strengthening the body. It is a protective compound produced in several plants in response to stress, such as injury, fungal infection, ultraviolet radiation, dehydration, nutrient deprivation and pathogenic-microorganism attack. It has been proven in studies to activate the longevity gene (SIRT1) which promotes a healthy life span and delays the onset of age-related diseases. Each capsule of Reversage delivers an equivalent amount of resveratrol, found in 351 glasses of red wine.
Standardized to provide 100mg trans-resveratrol
Added with 30mg polyphenols
In vegetarian capsules
Certified Halal
Made in USA
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Exp Mar 18
60 Vegetarian capsules x 2
RM 286.20
(inclusive of GST)
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